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Language Week 2012

In November 2012, the British Academy held its first Language Week, involving a series of events for a combination of public and invited audiences.The events explored and championed the learning and use of languages in schools, universities, policy making and public life.

Follow the relevant link below for more information on each event.

19 November Lost for Words Forum
This high-level forum brought key stakeholders involved with language needs for public policy in the areas of international relations and security together to discuss the initial findings of the ongoing Lost for Words Inquiry.

20 November Multilingualism and the Internet
A panel of multi-linguists and experts in computer translation were invited to consider questions of language and linguistics in flux.

21 November Languages and Entrepreneurship
The speakers and entrepreneurial panel at this event explored how student international mobility and language learning can give rise to entrepreneurship and commercial success.

22 November The Language Cauldron: Making the most of Multilingual Britain
This one-day conference brought together leading academics and public sector workers, educationalists and writers in a vibrant andconstructive cross-sector discussion.

21-22 November Consortium of Institutes of Advanced Studies 
Two days of diverse language events were held at the Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Nottingham.

23 November British Academy Schools Language Awards Ceremony
This ceremony celebrated the achievements of the winners of the first round of the British Academy Schools Language Awards.

23 November South Asian Studies in the UK Roundtable
This roundtable discussion assessed the state of, and future prospects for, South Asian Studies with a focus on developing interest in studying South Asian languages.

14 December Building the language base for research: the impact and future of Language-based Area Studies
This one-day event, held in association with the British Academy's Language Week 2012, will address the achievements, and future challenges, of the Language-Based Area Studies (LBAS) initiative.