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The inner eye: voyages around the museum

Events • Art history • Lecture

Dr Penelope Curtis

Chaired by Professor Deborah Howard FBA, University of Cambridge

This lecture will relate both to the present (a museum project in progress) and to the past (previous projects; previous collections).  It will consider the relationship between the private collector with a closed collection and a wider public with more open methods of interpretation. It will consider the role of the artist in acting as our guide, and think about the way in which different media expand the traditional forms of the historic collection.

About the speaker:
Dr Penelope Curtis began her career working in new museums of primarily contemporary art in the North of England. Throughout this time she developed her focus on sculpture in general, and in particular its relationship with modern architecture. More recently she was responsible for the Millbank project at Tate Britain, with its comprehensive re-hang of the collection, and is the new Director of the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon.

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