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Globalisation and inequality

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Professor Elhanan Helpman FBA

Chaired by: Professor Richard Blundell FBA, University College London

While the rise in income inequality is hardly disputable, its causes have been debated for the last 20 years. Extensive research is shedding new light on the contribution of globalization to rising inequality. Although the ascent of less developed countries in the world economy has impacted inequality in the developed part of the world, the new research identifies drivers of inequality that are common to both rich and poor countries. The lecture will start with a historical account and end with the most recent insights. 

About the speaker:
Elhanan Helpman FBA is the Galen L. Stone Professor of International Trade at Harvard University and Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. He is a cofounder of the ‘new trade theory’ and the ‘new growth theory’. His books include The Mystery of Economic Growth, and Understanding Global Trade.

This event forms part of the British Academy's Inequalities season.

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