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British Academy Conferences

British Academy Conferences bring together leading and emerging scholars from around the world to present and discuss new research in the humanities and social sciences. Held at the British Academy and universities across the UK, these landmark events offer students, scholars and specialists a chance to expand their networks and learn about the latest developments in their field.


The social intellectual: experience and thought in the Middle Ages

Ancient plaster: casting light on a forgotten sculptural material

Reimagining Andrew Marvell: the poet at 400

Technology and the future of labour: historical and contemporary perspectives

Anthropology and geography: dialogues past, present and future

‘…In or about 1970…’: artists, writers, and feminist thought

Roberto Gerhard (1896–1970): reappraising a musical visionary

Terror from the right: forms, function and future

Quentin Skinner’s ‘Meaning and Understanding’ after 50 years: interdisciplinary perspectives

Cut-Ups@60: an anniversary of unlimited potentials

Menstruation: representing experiences from the Global South and North

Murder in a cathedral: the life, death, and legacy of Thomas Becket


Mieczysław Weinberg: east and west

Song beyond the nation: translation, transnationalism, and performance

Sovereignty: a global perspective

Child marriage in forced migration

The alphabet of universal grammar

Representing homelessness

Rural modernism in 20th century Britain

Carol Ann Duffy: the legacy of the Laureateship

Narratives of old age and gender

Exploring the Syriac Galen Palimpsest


Challenges to Judicial Independence in Times of Crisis

Burckhardt at 200: The Civilization of the Italian Renaissance reconsidered

Global Neoliberalisms: Lost and Found in Translation

Alcohol and Humans: A Long and Social Affair

Biblical Traditions in the Qur’an

How Maoism was Made: Analysing Chinese Communism beyond the Totalitarian Lens, 1949-1965


Vulnerability and the Politics of Care: Cross-Disciplinary Dialogues

New Light on Tony Harrison

The Anglosphere and its Others: The ‘English-speaking Peoples’ in a Changing World Order

Defending the Faith: Religious and Secularist Apologetics in Twentieth-Century Politics

Faces of the Infinite: Neoplatonism and Poetics at the Confluence of Africa, Asia and Europe

Tracing the Relationship between Inequality, Crime and Punishment: Space, Time and Politics


Empathy Neuroscience: Translational Relevance for Conflict Resolution

Ariosto, the Orlando Furioso and English Culture, 1516-2016

Civil Rights Documentary Cinema and the 1960s: Transatlantic Conversations on History, Race and Rights

Distant and Neglected Voices: Women in the History of Linguistics

Using Behavioural Science to Target Prolific Criminals

European Attitudes to Immigration


Aliens, Foreigners and Strangers in Medieval England, c. AD 500-1500

Splendid Innovations: The development, reception and preservation of screen translation

How Terrorist Groups ‘Learn’: Innovation and adaptation in political violence

The Race Relations Act @ 50

African Multilingualism: Motivations, modalities, movement and meaning

Interdisciplinary Barthes


Slaveries Old and New: The Meaning of Freedom

Transforming Information: Record Keeping in the Early Modern World

Parliaments and Minorities: Ethnicities, Nations and Religions in Europe, 1848-1948

War: An Emotional History

After 2015: Development and its Alternatives

The First World War: Literature, Culture, Modernity


The Production and Circulation of Printed Books in the Occident and Orient: From the Accession of the Tang Dynasty (c.618) to the First Industrial Revolution

Sensory Substitution and Augmentation

Tracing Networks: Communicating Knowledge in Antiquity and the Digital Age

Uses of the Past in Past Societies: A Global Perspective

When the Party’s Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective

The Cognitive Revolution 60 Years On

Desert Island Discs and the discographic self