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BIPS Lecture - Why historiography matters: Iran and the Mongol Era – 800 years after

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This event is organised by the British Institute of Persian Studies

Please join the British Institute of Persian Studies for the 20th annual AKS Lambton memorial lecture. Anja Pistor Hatam will discuss the importance of historiography, looking at 20th century Iranian historical narratives of Genghis Khan’s invasion of Iran in 1220 and the century of Mongol rule that followed.  

Professor Anja Pistor Hatam, Member, International Society for Iranian Studies 

Free, booking required

Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance by email to

Image: © Komaroff, Linda & Stefano Carboni (eds.): The Legacy of Genghis Khan. Courtly Art and Culture in Western Asia, 1256-1353, New York 2002, p. 186. 'Mongol Archer on Horseback', Iran 15th century

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