Early Career Researcher Network

About us

In the Autumn, the Academy will be launching an Early Career Researcher Network for (ECRs) in the humanities and social sciences in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation.

The Academy’s aim is to establish a researcher-led and inclusive humanities and social sciences ECR network, accessible to researchers regardless of their funding source or background. This will ultimately be a UK-wide network tailored to researchers at postdoctoral level in the humanities and social sciences disciplines.

The network will be responsive to the needs and interests of the researchers and enable the British Academy to support a greater number of ECRs in their career ambitions, through skills development, networking opportunities, workshops and events.

The next step will be the establishment from this autumn of the first network hubs working with a number of universities in some of the UK’s nations and regions. Further information about this process and ways that ECRs can become involved will be made available soon.

To contact us about the Early Career Researcher Network, email: ecr_network@thebritishacademy.ac.uk


A UK-wide Network for all Social Sciences and Humanities ECRs from a broad background including those that are Academy funded, and those that are not. The Network aims to create an environment where ECRs can strengthen their skills and networks to compete effectively in the job market. Early Career Researcher interests will inform the activities and opportunities the Network will offer.

The objectives of the ECR Network are:

  • To support the individual ECRs realise their potential by providing opportunities that ECRs do not currently have access to.
  • To contribute to equality of opportunity for ECRs through encouraging diversity and inclusivity.
  • To develop networks to nurture and facilitate greater engagement between and across ECRs and wider research community, regionally and nationally.

To draw on the Academy’s unique ability to convene and nurture intersectoral collaboration to create unique opportunities for ECRs.

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