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Dr Shaun Goh

Dr. Shaun Goh is an early career researcher who was awarded a PhD in Clinical Psychology by the Australian National University in 2015 for his thesis titled ‘The development of psychological difficulties among children with language impairment’. He then worked as Research Fellow with the Growing up in Singapore Towards Healthy Outcomes Study to further this line of inquiry.

During his British Academy Visiting Fellowship, Dr. Goh will be hosted by the University College of London, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences. Through the work done with Professor Courtenay Norbury of the Surrey Communication and Language in Education Study (SCALES), Dr. Goh hopes to understand if different parameters of language can contribute to better prediction of mental health outcomes among children in Primary School.

You can find out more information about Dr. Goh's project on the 'SCALES Summer Newsletter 2018' in the downloads below.

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