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Dr Raquel Bernal

Dr. Raquel Bernal is a Professor at the Economics Department at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. Bernal holds a PhD in Economics from New York University and MA and BA degrees from Universidad de Los Andes. Her research focuses on the determinants of the process of human capital accumulation and the determinants of ability at early stages of life.

Project Description:

As part of Dr. Bernal's Visiting Fellowship, which will be hosted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, she will work in three complimentary projects aimed at providing more scientific evidence about the ways in which early human capital accumulation occurs.

For example, the dynamic features of the process of skill formation, the complementarities between different inputs and between different dimensions of human capital, and the ways in which interventions change the main features of human capital accumulation. Understanding how early human capital is shaped is crucial for the design of cost-effective scalable policies aimed at children at risk of developmental lag especially in poor countries.

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