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Degrees of uncertainty

In 2014, nearly 50 per cent of all 18-year-olds decided to go to university. However, are these benefits to the individual to be taken for granted, and will the graduate wage premium hold up as graduates form a greater proportion of the labour market? Does the significant individual benefit that comes from going to university mean that the individual should shoulder more of the financial burden? These two articles explore the premium associated with having a university education, and how the means of funding that education might impact on individual choices and careers.

• Thomas Kohut et al.; Gerbrand Tholen

Undergraduate and postgraduate choices framed by debt?
Thomas Kohut, with Jonathan Matthews and Natasha McCarthy

The portrayal of the graduate labour market in the media: The permanent state of perplexity and discontent
Gerbrand Tholen

The two articles can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Published in British Academy Review, Issue 25 (February 2015).

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