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Decentralisation, Multilevel Governance, and Corruption

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

For details of the ongoing progress of this award please check theĀ Decentralisation, Multilevel Governance, and Corruption project page.

This research will improve understanding of relationships between decentralised governance and corruption and the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures at the local level. The evidence for the effects of decentralisation on corruption is mixed, in part due to the inadequately detailed understandings of both decentralisation and corruption used in many studies, and because both processes are complex.

This project applies a comparative and multilevel approach to decentralisation and corruption both within and across countries. It will explore the differing prevalence, dynamics and impacts of corruption in different decentralised contexts; the effects on corruption of local and national factors related to the quality of decentralisation; and the implications for anti-corruption measures. As described in detail below, it does so using an analytical framework that focuses on three different levels (cross country comparison; within country comparison; and sectors), as well as a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods.

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