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Curbing corruption in development aid-funded procurement

Curbing corruption in development aid-funded procurement

University of Sussex

Project Website

For details of the ongoing progress of this award please check the Curbing corruption in development aid-funded procurement project page.

Development aid donors are under increasing pressure to ensure accountability and transparency in the allocation of funds, yet have only blunt tools available to monitor whether recipient governments use aid for agreed purposes. To address this problem, we develop an innovative methodology for analysing big data from major aid agencies to calculate more accurate and targeted indicators of corruption in aid-funded procurement. We employ these indicators to explore how the risks of corruption in aid allocation are affected by (1) different institutional control mechanisms and (2) the sociopolitical context in recipient-countries.

Our analysis is based on a multi-method research design that combines a quantitative analysis of procurement data across the developing world with a number of in-depth, qualitative case studies. Our findings will contribute to guiding donor agencies in the future development of more efficient delivery and monitoring mechanisms, while our data analysis tools can be incorporated into donors' evaluation frameworks beyond the life of the project.

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