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Corruption Prevention: Strategic Challenges, Tactical Solutions

Princeton University

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Professor Jennifer Widner - Princeton University

For details of the ongoing progress of this award please check the Corruption Prevention: Strategic Challenges, Tactical Solutions project page.

We propose three new lines of research on administrative reform in support of anti-corruption strategies:

  1. sustaining anti-corruption reform in land registries,
  2. development of robust natural resource certification schemes, and
  3. effective implementation of UNODC-mandated national anti-corruption strategies.

We will develop 5 case studies on each topic that trace the design, implementation, and impact of solutions to several common strategic challenges arising in each of these thematic areas - from impediments raised by those who benefit from the status quo to monitoring problems, misalignment of interests between managers and line staff, and norms that support favors and gift-giving. The cases permit us to develop and test hypotheses, while also enabling reform leaders, policy makers, and scholars to learn from each other.

The initiative builds on our past research about:

  1. overcoming principal-agent problems in basic services,
  2. creating citizen monitoring systems,
  3. reducing corruption risk in ports and customs, and
  4. managing anti-corruption commissions.

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