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Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi

‘Corpus of Medieval Window Glass’. Stained glass is a major form of medieval art, and provides the most immediately attractive aspect of many monuments. The international Corpus Vitrearum, sponsored by the Union Académique Internationale, aims to publish illustrated catalogues of medieval window glass. As part of this Corpus, the British Academy publishes catalogues of medieval stained glass in Great Britain.

The illustrations allow the study of details that are often difficult to examine in situ, and colour plates capture the full palette of the original glass. Commentaries describe the condition of the glass, technique and iconography.

The British committee is chaired by Anna Eavis.

Volumes are published by Oxford University Press. Some older volumes are available from Oxbow Books.

Click on blue titles for details.


VI. The Medieval Stained Glass of Merton College, Oxford by Tim Ayers
728 pages + 32 plates
978-0-19-726544-4  2 part boxed set, hbk    2013    available from OUP    £180.00
[British Academy Review article by Tim Ayers]

V. The Medieval Stained Glass of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich  by David King
446 pages + 24 plates
978-0-19-726264-1  hbk    2006    out of print

IV. The Medieval Stained Glass of Wells Cathedral  by Tim Ayers
792 pages + 40 plates
978-0-19-726263-4  2 part boxed set, hbk    2004    out of print
[British Academy Review article by Tim Ayers]

III. York Minster: A Catalogue of Medieval Stained Glass
1. The West Windows of the Nave  by Thomas French & David O’Connor
124 pages + 31 plates + 2 microfiches
0-19-726053-5  hbk    1987    out of print

II. The Windows of Christ Church Cathedral, Canterbury  by Madeline Harrison Caviness
398 pages + 234 plates
0-19-725995-2   hbk    1981    out of print

I. The County of Oxford: A Catalogue of Medieval Stained Glass  by Peter A Newton
274 pages + 51 plates
0-19-725970-7   hbk     1979    out of print


1. The Windows of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge  by Hilary Wayment
176 pages + 153 plates
0-19-725918-9   hbk     1972    out of print 


9. The Medieval Stained Glass of Cheshire   by Penny Hebgin-Barnes
558 pages + 24 plates
978-0-19-726469-0  hbk    2010    available from OUP    £130.00

8. The Medieval Stained Glass of Lancashire   by Penny Hebgin-Barnes
620 pages + 32 plates
978-0-19-726448-5  hbk    2009    available from OUP    £130.00
[British Academy Review article by Penny Hebgin-Barnes]

7. The Medieval Stained Glass of South Yorkshire   by Brian Sprakes
194 pages + 12 plates
0-19-726265-1  hbk    2003    out of print

6. Medieval English Figurative Roundels   by Kerry Ayre
256 pages + 8 plates
978-0-19-726251-1  hbk    2002    out of print

5. York Minster: The St William Window   by Thomas French
168 pages, including 24 plates
978-0-19-726202-3  hbk    1999    out of print
[British Academy Review article by Thomas French]

4. The Medieval Stained Glass of Northamptonshire   by Richard Marks
392 pages + 40 plates
0-19-726177-9  hbk    1998    out of print

3. The Medieval Stained Glass of the County of Lincolnshire   by Penny Hebgin-Barnes
448 pages + 24 plates
0-19-726156-6  hbk    1996    out of print

2. York Minster: The Great East Window   by Thomas French
198 pages, including 25 plates
0-19-726136-1  hbk    1995    out of print
978-0-19-726241-2  pbk    2003    out of print

1. A Catalogue of Netherlandish and North European Roundels in Britain   by William Cole
0-19-726116-7  hbk    1993    out of print


III. The Medieval Painted Glass of Lincoln Cathedral  by N J Morgan
86 pages + 12 plates
0-19-726021-7   hbk    1983     out of print

II. The Deterioration and Conservation of Painted Glass: A Critical Bibliography  by R G Newton
138 pages
0-19-726017-9  pbk     1982    out of print
Occasional Paper II is now available to download:
pp. i-xxxii (PDF file: 40,648 KB)
pp. 1-31 (PDF file: 41,832 KB)
pp. 32-62 (PDF file: 40,329 KB)
pp. 63-81 (PDF file: 25,285 KB)
pp. 82-103 (PDF file: 28,548 KB)

I. The Deterioration and Conservation of Painted Glass: A Critical Bibliography and Three Research Papers  by R G Newton
106 pages
0-19-725947-2  pbk    1974    out of print
Occasional Paper I is now available to download:
pp. i-viii (PDF file: 12,317 KB) 
pp. 1-30 (PDF file: 36,648 KB)
pp. 31-67 (PDF file: 45,352 KB
pp. 68-69 (PDF file: 2,367 KB)
pp. 70-78 (PDF file: 9,597 KB)
pp. 79-93 (PDF file: 16,766 KB)

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