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Conference Support Grants: 2009-10

Please note: Awards are arranged alphabetically by surname of the grant recipient. The institution is that given at the time of application. The grants listed were awarded during the academic session 2008-09.

Professor Karin Barber University of Birmingham 
Tuning in to African cities: popular culture and urban experience in sub-Saharan Africa 
(Anthropology / Social & Cultural Anthropology, other branches)

Professor David Bates University of East Anglia 
East Anglia and Its North Sea World 
(History / Medieval History - History)

Professor Alexander James Bird University of Bristol 
Progress in Medicine 
(Philosophy / Philosophy of science)

Dr Fran Brearton Queen's University Belfast 
British and Irish Poetry 1960-2010 
(English Language and Literature / Contemporary Literature (English))

Professor John Breuilly London School of Economics and Political Science 
The Twentieth Anniversary ASEN Conference: 'Nation and Charisma' 
(Politics / Political Sociology - Politics)

Professor Pawan Budhwar Aston University 
11th International Human Resource Management 
(Business and Management Studies / Organisational Theory)

Dr Aviva Burnstock Courtauld Institute of Art 
International conference on Tudor and Jacobean Painting: Production, Influences and Patronage 
(History of Art / Conservation and Technical Art History)

Dr John Coggon University of Manchester 
Medical Law and Ethics in the Media Spotlight 
(Law / Medical Law)

Dr Amy Erickson University of Cambridge 
Women's Work in Early Modern Europe 
(History / Economic History)

Dr Stephen Farrall University of Sheffield 
The Legal and Criminological Consequences of Climate Change 
(Law / Criminal Law and Justice, Criminology)

Professor Valerie Fraser University of Essex 
Meeting Margins: Transnational Art in Latin America and Europe 1950-1978 
(History of Art / Cultural Studies - History of Art)

Professor Bjarke Frellesvig University of Oxford 
Japanese/Korean Linguistics 20 
(Linguistics / Linguistics & Particular Languages or Families)

Dr Xiaolan Fu University of Oxford 
Global Economic Recovery: The Role of China and Other Emerging Economies 
(Economics / Economic Policy)

Dr Jamie Barrow Gaskarth University of Plymouth 
British foreign policy in the 21st Century 
(Politics / Int'l Political Economy/Foreign Policy Analysis)

Dr James Harris University of St Andrews 
David Hume after 300 years 
(Philosophy / History of philosophy)

Dr Johannes Haubold University of Durham 
The World of Berossos 
(Classics and Ancient History / Classics in comparative and interdisciplinary contexts)

Dr Bridget Heal University of St Andrews 
Reformation Studies Colloquium 2010 
(History / Early Modern History)

Professor Margaret Louise Holloway University of Hull 
Spirituality in a Changing World 
(Religious Studies / Philosophy and Ethics of Religion)

Professor Diana Holmes University of Leeds 
FINDING THE PLOT: On the Importance of Storytelling in Popular Fictions 
(Modern Languages / French language and literature)

Dr Anthea Innes University of Stirling 
Coming of Age: Dementia in the 21st Century 
(Sociology / Ageing Studies and Social Gerontology)

Professor John Irving School of Advanced Study, University of London 
The Symphony Orchestra as Cultural phenomenon 
(Music / Music performance studies)

Dr Simon Charles Kaner University of East Anglia 
Constructed Bodies of Japanese and European Prehistory 
(Archaeology / Prehistoric Archaeology)

Dr Ann Kelly London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 
Thinking with Insects: Entomological Reflections on History, Medicine and Politics 
(Anthropology / Social & Cultural Anthropology, other branches)

Dr Marjo Koivisto University of Exeter 
Liberalism and World Order 
(Politics / International Relations)

Professor Sergey Levendorskiy University of Leicester 
Nature-Investment interactions in Ecological degradation 
(Economics / Ecological Economics)

Professor Stephen Machin University College London 
European Association of Labour Economists/Society of Labor Economists 2010 3rd International Conference 
(Economics / Economics and Quantitative Analysis)

Dr Fiona Macintosh University of Oxford 
Choruses: Ancient and Modern 
(Classics and Ancient History / The reception of classical antiquity and the classical tradition)

Dr Magnus Marsden School of Oriental and African Studies 
Swat revisted: Bath, Pukhtuns and Political Anthropology 
(Anthropology / Political Anthropology)

Mr Roger Masterman University of Durham 
A symposium to mark the tenth anniversary of the Human Rights Act 
(Law / Public Law)

Dr Elizabeth Rose Mcfall Open University 
Encountering Markets: consumers, credit and devices 
(Sociology / Economic Sociology)

Dr Clare McManus Roehampton University 
Renaissance Women's Performance and the Dramatic Canon. 
(English Language and Literature / Renaissance literature)

Ms Joanna Miles University of Cambridge 
The Future of Family Property in Europe (the 4th conference of the Commission on European Family Law) 
(Law / Private Law (Family, Persons))

Professor David Gordon Ellis Norbrook University of Oxford 
John Selden (1584-1654): Scholarship in Context 
(History / Early Modern History)

Dr Tamsin Christina O'Connell University of Cambridge 
7th Advanced Seminar on Palaeodiet 
(Archaeology / Archaeological Science & Environmental Archaeology)

Professor Ralph Penny Queen Mary, University of London 
Sixteenth British Conference on Judeo-Spanish Studies 
(Modern Languages / Iberian and Latin American languages and literatures)

Professor Anne Phillips London School of Economics and Political Science 
Why Social Justice Matters: the Legacy of Brian Barry 
(Politics / Political Theory)

Dr Eyal Poleg University of Edinburgh 
Form and Function in the Late Medieval Bible 
(Medieval Studies / Medieval History - Medieval Studies)

Dr Rajindra Puri University of Kent 
New Directions for Urgent Anthropological Research 
(Anthropology / Social & Cultural Anthropology, other branches)

Dr Chitra Ramalingam University of Cambridge 
William Henry Fox Talbot: Beyond Photography 
(History of Art / History of Photography, Time-Based &Digital Media)

Dr Jessica Reinisch Birkbeck, University of London 
The Forty Years' Crisis: Refugees in Europe, 1919-1959 
(History / Modern History)

Dr Prakash Shah Queen Mary, University of London 
Legal Practice and Accommodation in Multicultural Europe 
(Law / Sociology of Law)

Professor Philip Spencer Kingston University 
The Holocaust and Modern Genocide 
(History / Political History)

Dr Simon Szreter University of Cambridge 
Comparative History of Civil Registration: History and Policy 
(History / Modern History)

Professor George Talbot University of Hull 
Italian Poetry in Conflict 
(Modern Languages / Italian language and literature)

Dr Cain Todd Lancaster University 
European Society for Aesthetics Annual Conference 
(Philosophy / Aesthetics)

Dr Ayse Keyce Uskul University of Essex 
Debating Honour in the Context of Group and Gender Relations, the Self, and Aggression 
(Psychology / Social Psychology and Organisational Psychology)

Dr Claire Whitehead University of St Andrews 
The Caucasus: Imagining Freedom, Negotiating Dominion 
(Politics / International Relations)

Professor Alasdair Whittle Cardiff University 
Sacré vert! Alpine axeheads and the social dynamics of Neolithic and Chalcolithic Europe 
(Archaeology / Prehistoric Archaeology)

Dr David Woodman University of Cambridge 
The Long Twelfth-Century View of the Anglo-Saxon Past 
(History / Medieval History - History)

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