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British Academy Symposia

Three series of symposia, each originally arising out of an established series of lectures. The subjects of these three series are Philosophy, Italian Studies, and American Studies.

Dawes Hicks Symposia on Philosophy

First symposium held in 1994. List of symposia

Italian Symposia

First symposium held in 2015: Language in Italy in the 21st Century

American Studies Symposia

First symposium held in 2017: The United States of America and World War One: Exploring Political, Economic and Cultural Entanglements

Current intended forward schedule for symposia and Schweich Lectures:
Every three years, starting in 2017: American Studies Symposium or Italian Symposium (alternating)
Every three years, starting in 2018: Dawes Hicks Symposium
Every three years, starting in 2019: Schweich Lectures