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Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, XVI

24 extended obituaries of deceased Fellows of the British Academy, posted during 2017.


(Most recently posted are listed first)

Asa Briggs, 1921-2016
by Pat Thane
posted 14 November 2017

Frank Horace Hahn, 1925-2013
by David Newbery
posted 14 November 2017

John Rankine Goody, 1919-2015
by Chris Hann
posted 14 November 2017

Margaret Joy Gelling, 1924-2009
by O J Padel
posted 14 November 2017

John Adney Emerton, 1928-2015
by H G M Williamson
posted 14 November 2017

Michael John Artis, 1938-2016
by Charles Goodhart & Marvyn Lewis
posted 14 November 2017

David Russell Harris, 1930-2013
by Stephen Shennan & Hugh Clout
posted 14 November 2017

Stroud Francis Charles Milsom, 1923-2016
by John Baker
posted 14 November 2017

Tony James Wilkinson, 1948-2014
by John Bintliff
posted 14 November 2017

Robert Brian Tate, 1921-2011
by Barry Taylor & Alejandro Coroleu
posted 14 November 2017

Michael John Mustill, 1931-2015
by Stewart Boyd
posted 14 November 2017

Christopher Nugent Lawrence Brooke, 1927-2015
by David Abulafia, David Luscombe & Henry Mayr-Harting
posted 14 November 2017

Beatrice Eileen de Cardi, 1914-2016
by Harriet Crawford
posted 14 November 2017

Marilyn Speers Butler, 1937-2014
by Nigel Leask
posted 14 November 2017

Oliver Nicholas Millar, 1923-2007
by Christopher White
posted 14 November 2017

Geoffrey Neil Leech, 1936-2014
by Greg Myers
posted 4 May 2017

Claus Adolf Moser, 1922-2015
by David Bartholomew
posted 4 May 2017

John David Yeadon Peel, 1941-2015
by Richard Fardon
posted 4 May 2017

John Tiley, 1941-2013
by Chantal Stebbings
posted 4 May 2017

Alan Geoffrey Hill, 1931-2015
by Stephen Gill
posted 25 April 2017

Philip Walter Edwards, 1923-2015
by Gordon Campbell
posted 25 April 2017

Ernst Badian, 1925-2011
by W. V. Harris
posted 25 April 2017

Glyn William Humphreys, 1954-2016
by John Duncan
posted 13 April 2017

Paul Langford, 1945-2015
by Paul Slack
posted 11 April 2017


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A printed copy of the whole volume (562 pages; 978-0-19-726622-9) can be purchased through Oxford University Press

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