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Under The Microscope: The US Presidential Election Revisited

Panel discussion held on 10 December 2012 (venue: The British Academy).

What were the key issues that framed the US Presidential campaign and what impact did they have on the outcome? Political experts from both sides of the Atlantic scrutinise the election in this special British Academy panel discussion.

Chair: Professor Anthony King FBA. Anthony King is Professor of British Government at the University of Essex and an author and broadcaster. His most recent book is The Founding Fathers v. the People: Paradoxes of American Democracy.


Professor Paul Whiteley Paul Whiteley is a Professor of Government at the University of Essex and is an expert on electoral behaviour, public opinion and political parties in Britain and in the advanced industrial democracies. He is currently a co-director of the British Election Study and was a professor of Political Science at the University of Arizona and subsequently at the College of William and Mary in Virginia for ten years. His most recent book Political Participation in Britain: The Decline and Revival of Civic Culture was published in 2012.

Professor Harold Clarke Harold D Clarke is Ashbel Smith Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, former Director of Social and Economic Sciences at the National Science Foundation and senior editor of Electoral Studies. His most recent book on American elections is Making Political Choices: Canada and the United States (2009) and he is currently conducting the 2012 Political Support in America Study.

Professor Theodore Marmor FBA Ted Marmor is Professor Emeritus of Politics and Public Policy at Yale University. He began his career by helping to define the rules for the landmark introduction of Medicare in the 1960s, subsequently advised two presidential campaigns and has written widely about America’s version of a welfare state. His most recent work is Politics, Health and Healthcare: Selected Essays, co-authored with Professor Rudolf Klein FBA.

Before the panel discussion took place, Professor Ted Marmor gave the British Academy an interview about the US Election result and about healthcare issues in the US and UK. Watch the interview.

Also read Professor Marmor’s opinion piece on ‘The 2012 US Elections: Features, Causes, and Implications for the American Welfare State’, in our Policy Perspectives series.

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