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An Uncommon Legacy? The 350th Anniversary of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer

Conference, held on 28 March 2012 (venue: The British Academy).

This year the Church of England will celebrate the 350th anniversary of the publication of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The BCP has had an enormous influence not only in the Church of England, where it remains the official standard liturgy of the church, but also more widely in our nation. This symposium was planned with the Church of England as a major occasion to mark the anniversary with a series of academic reflections which bring together leading scholars covering a range of historical, liturgical and ecclesiological topics.

Download copy of conference programme

Listen to Session 1
The Rev Dr Gordon Jeanes
Dr Peter McCullough

Listen to Session 2
Professor Brian Cummings
Professor Bryan Spinks

Listen to Session 3
Professor Paul Bradshaw
The Rev Canon Professor Paul Avis