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Trump: How to understand an unconventional President

At first, many thought Donald Trump’s run for the presidency was a mere vanity project, but support for his larger-than-life campaign grew exponentially throughout 2016. Elected against the odds by a bitterly divided public, Trump is now in the White House – and his style of leadership is going against everything that's come before him. From governing by Twitter to making unguarded comments about other world leaders, Trump’s campaign and presidency have established him as one of the most unconventional presidents in modern history.

Our expert panel dissect the triumphs and pitfalls of Trump’s first year in charge.

Dr Emma Long Lecturer in American Studies, University of East Anglia 
Professor Scott Lucas Professor of International Politics, University of Birmingham
Professor Stephen Reicher FBA Professor of Psychology, University of St Andrews

Chair: Andrew Naughtie, International Editor, The Conversation

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