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Stages of papal law, 385-1917

Raleigh Lecture on History, delivered by Professor David d’Avray FBA, on 1 November 2016 (venue: The British Academy).

Popes started issuing decrees modelled on those of Roman emperors while the Empire in the West was still going strong. The tradition of papal legislation continues to this day, when it governs aspects of the lives of many millions (especially where marriage is concerned). No legal system in world history has had so long a living history. The lecture will trace its evolution from the fourth to the early twentieth century, and attempt to explain the major transformations.

About the speaker:
Professor David d’Avray obtained a BA from Cambridge in 1973 a MA in 1977 and a DPhil from Oxford in 1977. He has been Professor of History at University College London since 1996, previously he was a Lecturer 1977-93, and Reader 1993-96. He became a Fellow of the British Academy in 2005. His latest publications are: Papacy, Monarchy and Marriage (2015), Dissolving Royal Marriages: A Documentary History, 860-1600 (2014) and Thirteenth Century Marriage Preaching in Context (2013).

Lecture chaired by Dame Janet Nelson FBA, King's College London

Image credit: British Library

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