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A Question of Culture? Europe and Islam

Culture seems to explain everything at the moment, the way gender once did, or, before that, class, or, a long time ago, race, or, even longer ago, destiny. A decade ago, Samuel Huntington warned that, in future, 'The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural.' According to one commentator after another, celebratory or indignant, every European country is multicultural. Is immigration policy a matter of dealing with cultural difference? Today, these debates are at their most acute as European countries shape policies on 'Muslim' minorities, and confront the intricate crises of the Middle East, and the challenge of terrorism.

This event will take the form of a panel discussion between Professor Adam Kuper FBA (Brunel University), Professor Fred Halliday FBA (London School of Economics), and Professor Jytte Klausen (Brandeis University, USA).