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Onora O'Neill: Can More Accountability Increase Trust?

Baroness Onora O’Neill FBA, Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge

‘Can more accountability increase trust?’

Recorded at the British Academy Soirée, Tuesday 28 June 2016

During the last thirty years complex systems for improving accountability have proliferated in public, professional and commercial life—and nowhere more so than in the UK. But have they worked? And if not, why not? Is the underlying assumption that there has been a widespread ‘loss of trust’ true? If it is, can more accountability, more transparency, or both together, reverse the trend? Or should we perhaps focus less on trust and more on the intelligent placing and refusal of trust, and on aligning trust with trustworthiness? When do the systems of accountability that have been so laboriously constructed improve trustworthiness, and when and why do they become part of the problem?

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