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How Green Politics Went Mainstream

Lecture delivered by Sir Crispin Tickell, on 6 November 2008 (venue: The British Academy).

This lecture charts the transition of green politics from a fringe movement to a viable and vote-winning agenda.

Sir Crispin Tickell was one of the first commentators to illuminate the dangers of man-induced climate change in his text ‘Climate Change and World Affairs’, published in 1977. He has been a diplomat, worked for the cabinet and the British Ambassador for the UN.

He is currently director of the Policy Foresight Programme of the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization at the University of Oxford (formerly the Green College Centre for Environmental Policy and Understanding), and Chairman Emeritus of the Climate Institute in Washington DC. He has many interests, including climate change, population issues, conservation of biodiversity and the early history of the Earth.

This was the second in the 'Politics and Energy' series of lectures, in partnership with the Science Museum and the Mile End Group of Queen Mary, University of London. Chaired by Professor Peter Hennessy FBA.

The two other lectures in the 'Politics and Energy' series were:

6 May 2008, 'Civil Nuclear Energy since 1945: The Lessons', by Professor Sir Roger Williams
4 February 2009, 'Energy and the Middle East', by Sir Mark Allen