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Ethical communication in a digital age

How do we communicate ethically in an increasingly digital age? With social media platforms and search engines increasingly under fire for circulating fake news, propaganda and misinformation, urgent questions about corporate social responsibility need to be addressed. What role must tech companies take in fostering reliable communication? And should our social networks be regulated in the same manner as other media? Our expert panel discusses these issues.

This event was held to mark the 25-year anniversary of Baroness Onora O’Neill’s election to the British Academy’s Fellowship and her outstanding contribution to philosophy and public intellectual life.

Professor Rowan Cruft, Professor of Philosophy, University of Stirling 
Professor Rae Langton FBA, Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
Baroness Onora O’Neill FBA, Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge; past President of the British Academy

Professor Sir David Cannadine PBA, President, The British Academy; Dodge Professor of History, Princeton University