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Conor Gearty: Human rights: Fantasies and facts

Professor Conor Gearty FBA, Director of the Institute of Public Affairs and Professor of Human Rights Law, London School of Economics and Political Science

‘Human rights: Fantasies and facts’

Recorded at the British Academy Soirée, Tuesday 28 June 2016

Few subjects are as hounded by error, confusion and deliberate misrepresentation as is the discussion around the UK’s Human Rights Act. With one European question resolved, another now beckons – about the status of this Act and of the European Convention on Human Rights on which it depends. Should the Act be repealed, replaced by a new UK Bill of Rights or left as it is? Is the Home Secretary right that the time has now come for Britain to dump the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights and the Convention whose job it is to interpret? This talk defends the Act and the Strasbourg judges by exploding the fantasies that surround them. It sets out the facts about the application of the Human Rights Act and muses also about a future without the Act.

List of speakers at the British Academy Soirée 2016