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In Celebration of Translation

This event was part of the British Academy's Literature Week 2017

Sales of translated fiction in the UK have soared in recent years. Once deemed to be a niche interest of the cultured elite, the improved visibility of translated literature, and of translators themselves, has signalled a welcome move to the mainstream. Yet despite this progress, the number of translated titles on sale in the UK remains low. Join our panel as they discuss the positive shift in sales and attitudes, current industry challenges, and their hopes for the years ahead.

Alexandra Büchler, Director, Literature Across Frontiers
Adam Freudenheim, Publisher and Managing Director, Pushkin Press
Daniel Hahn, Writer, editor and translator
Professor Gabriel Josipovici FBA, Research Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, University of Sussex 

Fiammetta Rocco, Books and Arts Editor, The Economist

Organised in collaboration with Pushkin Press:

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Media partner: Londonist

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