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The Bronze and Iron Age towns: reflections from the archive

The first in a series of three lectures on ‘Re-excavating Jerusalem: archival archaeology’, delivered on 6 December 2016 (venue: The British Academy).

Speaker: Dr Kay Prag, The University of Manchester

Chaired by: Professor Alan Millard, The University of Liverpool

Re-excavating Jerusalem from the archive of Dame Kathleen Kenyon’s excavations (1961-1967) gives insights for the whole period of the occupation of the city. The uses and limitations, the composition and purpose of the archive in the 1960s, impact on the conclusions reached, but the nature of such archives is increasingly relevant, not just to the academic world. Many of Kenyon’s trenches, particularly her great trench (Site A) were located to inform on the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age towns (those of the ‘Jebusites’, ‘David’ and ‘Solomon’), the results mostly published and absorbed into the wider scholarly debate. Other, less published sites, offer additional information.

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