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The Arab-Israeli conflict and the making of public international law

Elie Kedourie Memorial Lecture, delivered by Professor Joseph Weiler, on 20 October 2016 (venue: The British Academy).

The usual question asked is the relevance of international law to the century-long Arab-Israeli conflict. To many the answer is none at all, a demonstration of its ability to achieve neither justice nor order, let alone peace. This Elie Kedourie Memorial Lecture will reverse the question and explore the relevance of the Arab-Israeli conflict to the shaping of public international law, arguing that the conflict has had a profound effect on some of the most fundamental norms and institutions of international law, as well as illustrating a surprising measure of wisdom and efficacy in this process.

About the speaker: 
Professor Joseph Weiler is President of the European University Institute (EUI), and University Professor at NYU Law School (on leave). Previously he served as Manley Hudson Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School and subsequently as Director of the Jean Monnet Center at NYU School of Law. He also served for many years as Member of the Committee of Jurists of the Institutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. Prof. Weiler is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of International Law (EJIL) and the International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON). Weiler is also an Honorary Professor at University College London and the University of Copenhagen, and Co-Director of the Academy of International Trade Law in Macao, China. He holds a PhD. in European Law from the EUI, Florence and honorary degrees from various European and American universities. He is the author of several books and articles in the field of European Integration, International and Comparative Constitutional Law and Human Rights Law, and of a novella “Der Fall Steinmann”.

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