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Albert Reckitt Archaeological Lecture: Scythian elite burial mounds in the Eurasian steppe

‘Scythian burial mounds in the Eurasian steppe: New discoveries for a deeper understanding’
Albert Reckitt Archaeological Lecture, delivered by Professor Dr Hermann Parzinger FBA, on 1 December 2016 (venue: The British Academy).

During the first millenium BC, nomadic tribes of the Eurasian steppe as the Scythians, brought significant changes in economy, warfare, social life and arts. Their social structure is reflected by monumental burial mounds with rich inventories full of gold and precious imports. Our German-Russian excavations during the last years at different places between Siberia in the east and southern Russia in the west gave a lot of new information and contributed to a new understanding of these monuments. There are not any more just burials of nomadic elites but also places of memory and rituals which became architecture.

Professor Dr Hermann Parzinger FBA, Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

Chaired by: Professor Graeme Barker CBE FBA, University of Cambridge

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