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Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 Wars: A View from the Ground

Jason Burke is a British journalist and the author of several non-fiction books. He is the correspondent covering South Asia for the Observer and the Guardian.

Jason Burke's new book The 9/11 Wars - a work of investigation, reportage and contemporary history - covers post 9/11 conflict, attacks and invasions from Helmand to Mumbai, and is based on hundreds of interviews with participants including refugees and intelligence officials, ministers and foot-soldiers, militants and their victims. Jason Burke tells the story of a world that changed forever when the hijacked planes flew out of the brilliant blue sky above Manhattan on September 11th 2001.

The lecture was chaired by Sir Adam Roberts, President of the British Academy.

This lecture forms the concluding element of a symposium on "9/11: Ten Years On", jointly organised by the British Academy and the University of St Andrews, convened by Professor Richard English FBA.

(Professor Louise Richardson was unable to deliver the previously advertised lecture 'Reflections of 9/11: Illusions of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism'.)