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Anti-Corruption Evidence 2015 Awards List

Awards made under the Anti-Corruption Evidence in 2015.

Dr Gerhard Anders University of Edinburgh
Accountability through Practical Norms: Civil Service Reform in Africa from Below
Two-Years; £399,287.00

Dr Claudia Baez Camargo Basel Institute on Governance
Informal Governance and Corruption - Transcending the Principal Agent and Collective Action Paradigms
Two-Years; £399,844.00

Dr Olli Hellmann University of Sussex
Curbing corruption in development aid-funded procurement
Two-Years; £398,275.00

Professor Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling University of Nottingham
Civil service reform and anti-corruption in developing countries: Tools and evidence from eight countries in four developing regions
Two-Years; £399,553.00

Professor Mundia Muya University of Zambia
Options for Reducing Corruption in Procurement: The Case of the Construction Sector in Zambia
Two-Years; £399,857.00

Dr Hamish Nixon Overseas Development Institute
Decentralisation, Multilevel Governance, and Corruption
Two-Years; £397,283.64

Professor Frederick Stapenhurst Université Laval
The Role of Parliaments in Curbing Corruption at the Country Level
Two-Years; £389,376.00

Professor Jennifer Widner Princeton University
Corruption Prevention: Strategic Challenges, Tactical Solutions
Two-Years; £399,662.55

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