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The Acts of Henry II

Currently based at the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, the British Academy Research Project on the acts of Henry II and his family has been collecting acts for a number of years.

The texts of original charters, writs, letters, and other documents, as well as copies and transcripts of them made between the twelfth century and the present, are being prepared for editions intended for publication in book form, beginning with the acts of Henry II.  In addition to those of Henry, the project has also collected the acts of Eleanor of Aquitaine, of Richard I, of John as Lord of Ireland and Count of Mortain, and of other members of the Plantagenet family.

Project files presently hold nearly five thousand separate acts, of which nearly three thousand are acts of Henry II.  They may be searched not only by author, but by beneficiaries, individual witnesses to acts, and the places where documents were given.  It is hoped that good editions and indices for the texts of these acts, which survive in archives and libraries across the United Kingdom and France, as well as further afield, acts which have not before been collected in one place and many of which have not before been edited, will prove to be a valuable resource for researchers in many fields.

In the interval before publication, any scholarly queries may be addressed to the Project Secretary, care of the British Academy Project on the Acts of Henry II, Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EF, email:



Chairman of the Project Committee Professor Sir James Holt
Director and General Editor  Dr Nicholas Vincent
Project Secretary  Dr Judith Everard

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