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Council is the overarching governing body of the Academy. It is made up of the President, the Vice-Presidents, and 15 Ordinary Members.

Membership in 2018-19:

Professor Sir David CannadineChair: Professor Sir David Cannadine, President

Professor Dominic AbramsProfessor Dominic Abrams, Vice-President (Social Sciences)

Simon Goldhill FBAProfessor Simon Goldhill, Foreign Secretary

Professor Aditi LahiriProfessor Aditi Lahiri, Vice-President (Humanities)

Simon Swain FBAProfessor Simon Swain, Vice-President (Research and Higher Education Policy)

Revd Professor Diarmaid MacCullochRevd Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch Kt, Vice-President (Public Engagement)

Professor Genevra RichardsonProfessor Genevra Richardson, Vice-President (Public Policy)

Professor Hamish ScottProfessor Hamish Scott, Vice-President (Publications)

Professor Charles TrippProfessor Charles Tripp, Vice-President (British International Research Institutes)

Professor Sarah WorthingtonProfessor Sarah Worthington, Treasurer

Ordinary Members
Professor Julia Barrow
Professor Christine Bell
Professor Julian Birkinshaw
Professor Sarah Birch
Professor Joanna Bourke
Professor Stella Bruzzi
Professor Eleanor Dickey
Professor Jane Humphries
Professor Simon Keay 
Professor Tony Manstead
Professor Jane Millar
Professor Michael Moriarty
Professor Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad
Professor Annett Volfing
Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams
Professor Sarah Whatmore

Robin Jackson, Chief Executive and Secretary