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Publications and Conferences Committee

This committee is responsible for supporting British Academy conferences and for publishing several series of academic publications.

The British Academy seeks to advance scholarship in its disciplines by supporting a select number of British Academy conferences each year, and by publishing themed volumes of essays in the Proceedings of the British Academy series. The British Academy Monographs series provides Academy-supported early career scholars with a career-establishing publication opportunity. The Academy also publishes volumes of primary source material – editions and catalogues – arising from British Academy Research Projects.

For more general readerships, there are the online open access Journal of the British Academy, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, and the British Academy Review magazine.

The Academy’s activity in this area primarily relates to the Academy’s Strategic Priority (2) ‘To invest in the very best researchers and research’.

The committee responsible for all the activities in this section is the Publications and Conferences Committee.


Professor Dawn Adès

Professor Peter Biller

Professor Gillian Clark

Professor Brian Cummings

Professor Elizabeth Edwards

Professsor Cécile Fabre

Professor Ann Phoenix

Professor David Runciman

Professor Hamish Scott (Chair)

(Secretary: James Rivington)